Sunday, May 18, 2014

Stable . . . for now

June 2013

My daughter is now 8 and has been stable now for almost a year. Whew! And for the first time we've gone to 6 months blood draws.

She's been even healthier this year than she has her entire life. We had one bad bout of aspirated pneumonia when school started last August but have been healthy since.

I can't state the reason for sure, but we did manage to figure out a great system for the Synthroid. We bought a day-of-the-week pill case for Bug. Since she alters between 75 mcg and 88 mcg we figured that days that start with T would be our 75 days and the 88 days are all non-T days.

Bug wakes up, marches off to the kitchen and takes her levothyroxine with a glass of water. She doesn't eat anything for at least half an hour, but gets dressed, makes her bed, and does other pre-school related stuff.  We make her wait 30 minutes so if she gets up late for school it can be an issue. Overall she's pretty good about it.

Bug did great when the LPCH pedi. endocrinologist quizzed her about her pills: what color was each dose? I never thought to ask her, but it's definitely important. She can tell me if I messed up a dose, which can happen after all.

On another note, I was recently told that I have an enlarged thyroid. I had blood testing earlier this week but no results yet. Most women in my family are diagnosed around menopause.

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