Sunday, May 18, 2014

Lungs and reflux

July 2013

Bug had a follow up with her pediatrician today to see how clear her lungs were. After a week on prednisone, doubled-up inhalers, and antibiotics she is still producing a lot of phlegm. Her nose lining was red too, which is indicative of either sinus problems or reflux. Since she's not had a runny or stuffy one, we can conclude reflux. It's difficult, however, because typically she'll tell me when she's refluxing. She'll said that it burns or tastes bad, but this time it's less noticeable. The doctor called it "non-acid reflux." I've yet to research it.

But since Bug has not improved with the prednisone dosage, we're scheduling an appointment with her pediatric gastroenterologist. Bug last saw him in 2009, when we thought the adult dose of the Prevacid would keep the reflux under control.

I did find in my medical log (I keep very detailed notes for Bug) that she's had a lung infection every year the week after she has swim lessons. It doesn't matter the pool, it's the same cycle every year.

She's over it as was indicated by the rolling her eyes at the doctor. And I'd like to get her off all these meds.

Unfortunately we've done this enough to know when to give her which medicine so it doesn't interact or interfere with her synthroid or reflux medicine.

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