Monday, June 16, 2014

Today we had another follow up with the pediatrician to deal with Samantha's chronic bronchitis. He feels as helpless as I do. He was looking over her chart and recognized that there is a pattern as to when the bronchitis shows up: Spring through Summer.

She's been allergy tested and we've been released by the gastroenterologist but they're is still something wrong.

Last night Samantha started to giggle and then she couldn't breathe. We ran to the nebulizer and started Xoponex and saline. Her eyes looked panicked as she gasped for air. I talked her through it--I don't think either of us blinked the entire time. And when she started to cry I told her that she couldn't.

So today, when she fell asleep on the pediatrician's exam table I got some time where she wasn't listening to tell him how exasperated I felt. I said to him, "I told her she couldn't cry last night because when she cries the breathing is labored and difficult. I hate telling her that she can't cry and tough it out, but I don't know what to do."

He feels as lost as I do and wants us to look into some alternative medicine to help: biofeedback, acupuncture, as well as our allergist.

Our non-CH child, Alyssa, has terrible food allergies that we have yet to determine. She's allergic to strawberries and the non-organic wreak havoc on her face. And dairy--she's been tested for casein and a general panel but has shown no problems. There is something in milk that is an issue as she becomes very ill when she has milk. She's been getting huge water blisters in her mouth every couple of days from something that she's eating.

So with Samantha's chronic bronchitis and Alyssa's allergies we're going to explore a completely organic and non-processed diet. We're worried and desperate and praying that this helps with both.

We're also getting Samantha re-tested this week in preparation for our next thyroid check with pediatrician. Sometimes her illnesses and her inability to get over an illness signal a high TSH.

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