Saturday, June 14, 2014

To draw or not to draw

We have a mid-year checkup with our pediatrician the first week in July and I need to have blood draws done before then. With Samantha on a considerable amount of prednisone and inhaled steroids, as well as antibiotics, I begin to waver about the draw. We (her doctors and I) are never really sure how all this medicine impacts her results.

It fits into our schedule to have the draws done this week, but Samantha is tapering the prednisone and will be on it until at least Wednesday. I suppose I won't make a decision until later this week.

It's been a sucky start to the end of the school year. She missed nearly 3 days of the last 5 because she couldn't stop coughing and breathing was difficult. I am crossing my fingers that it's not indicative of our summer.

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