Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Off again

Samantha switched to an alternating dose of 100 3x a week and 88 4x week from April to June, but she is still off. Her TSH went even higher this time, somewhere around 8, where the normal is 4.

The pediatrician is concerned with moving too fast, so we moved to 100 4x a week and 88 3x a week. For me that seemed minuscule, but we'll try it his way first. Samantha is 9 so I'm not as worried about the discrepancy as I was when she was 15 months. The only new hypothyroid symptom has been constipation.

We'll retest in a few weeks and then see where we are. Typically we've always tested in September and never at the beginning of summer. Samantha has nearly always needed a dose change in September--ever since she started school.

We've also noticed that for the first time in five years Samantha has not had bronchitis or pneumonia after summer swim lessons. We're attributing that one to the adenoidectomy she had last year. They found an abnormal pocket of bacteria at the time.

She still suffers from acute bronchitis a few times a year. We're hoping that will change.

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